Common Questions :

How long does it take after I purchase a set of graphics through the site?


Once you place an order through our website. It gets sent straight over to our design department. From there our professional graphic artist will create a digital proof of your graphics. They will email you this proof for you to review within 24-48 business hours of your purchase.


What is the best way for me to place an order on graphics?


The most convenient way for you to place an order on any of our graphics is via website. Order any hour of the day! Also ordering via site insures we get all the correct info from you, sponsors, name, number, logos etc. with all correct spelling and any other additional info you may want on your graphics.


My graphics are approved for print. now when will I receive them?


We print all our outstanding orders on Wednesdays of every week and ship them on Thursday. Once your order is shipped we will shoot you an email or message verifying shipment.


Do you offer any full custom Graphics?


Absolutely! If your browsing through our site and you don’t want to purchase a Semi Custom design. Maybe you had an idea of your own in mind, we would love to make that idea a reality! You can order a complete one off custom design from our “Full Custom Graphics Page”


Is there any way I can pick my graphics up?


We do offer pickup for locals looking to save some time on shipping. However, the only day we offer pickup is Friday of every week. Excluding Holidays etc. (Please call or email first.)


I want to have my graphics installed professionally. Do you offer install?


Yes, we offer a professional graphics installation option during checkout! After you have an order placed via website select “I would like my graphics installed for $60” option during checkout”. If it not available on your item, we do not offer install for the product.  (sponsored riders do not get a discount on install)


Did you keep my last graphics on file?


Since we launched in 2009 we have never deleted a file. We save and backup absolutely everything we print. So no worries on getting something reordered or reprinted we got you covered!


How Much are graphics?


Graphic Prices vary depending on details of what it is you would like to order. Our full custom MX bikes start at $300, and our Semi Custom Designs start at $220. That is for a complete bike graphics kit that includes graphics for your: Shrouds, Number plates, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Fork Guards, Swingarm’s and etc.


I have tried calling and I can’t get in contact with anyone?


Our apologies we may have missed your call or message. As our company grows we are improving every day and attempting to get back with every single customer and to meet their graphics needs. Please leave us a voice-mail or descriptive message exactly what it is your looking for so we can better suite your needs when we reach back to you. Also we really do appreciate your patience … We put a lot of time and spend as much time as need be with our customers until they are 100% satisfied with their graphics that is main reason why sometimes there is small delay on responses.


Do you make vehicle wraps or decals?


Unfortunately, not at the moment. We aren’t currently making vehicle wraps or large format decals anymore. We have switch out priority’s to dedicating our company and staff into a motorsport based company specializing is high quality template based graphics.


I received my graphics and something wasn't right?


We are sorry for whatever issue it is you may be having with your graphics/order. Customer satisfaction is what drives our company. Double check your package, graphics digital proof, and order conformation to verify everything was correctly submitted and approved after review. Please shoot us over an email, message or call asap so we can see what we can do for you to make it right. (you have 7 days within the time you receive the graphics to report issue or there is nothing we can do for you regardless to who’s mix up it may have been.)


My graphics are peeling can I get a refund?


We are currently using the best possible vinyl and materials to create our graphics... we do not cut corners when it comes to what goes into our decals. If you’re having a problem with your graphics peeling it may have been an application issue, or a natural wear issue. We test our vinyl with some of the best Motocross, Supercross, and Flat Track Racers in the world. We put it the harshest tests and it is unbelievable how much it can with stand. EXTREMELY DURABLE! (If you feel like you applied them correctly and something is not right please give us a call with 7 days of receiving your order.)




If none of these questions are helpful to you, feel free to shoot us a message and we will get back with you asap!